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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

10 classic quotes uttered by The Situation

Counting down the 10 best classic quotes as uttered by Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino himself! Hate on him all you like but the man definitely comes up with some funny one liners! Be sure to comment on your favorite quote!

  • #10: This is The Situation right here, my abs are so ripped up it's.. we call it The Situation.
  • #9: You can hate on me all you want to, but what can you possibly say to somebody that looks like Rambo, pretty much, with his shirt off.
  • #8: If you want to look somewhat like The Situation, which is gonna be pretty hard, you need to get that protein in your diet.
  • #7: With me and Sam, it’s not a matter of if she wants to hook up with me; it’s a matter of just when I decide.
  • #6: I got girls back here almost every night, there’s not a time that I don’t have girls coming back. Girls love The Situation.
  • #5: There is definitely a numbers game when it comes to girls. Let's just say, ya know, ten girls have slipped you their number within that particular week. There is a possibility that, like, five or six may not answer. Somebody may pick up but they're busy, but probably on three or four they're probably coming over and I'm going to have to make a decision on which group of girls I want to come over for me and my boy Pauly.
  • #4: The only thing we care about is gettin' girls & going to the gym.
  • #3: I knew she was 18, that ass does not look 12.
  • #2: When we’re out on the battlefield, I’m like the first strike. It’s sorta like they send me out, first, like the Navy SEALs.
  • #1: Everybody loves me, babies, dogs, ya know, hot girls, cougars. I just have unbelievable mass appeal.


  1. #1, he also shares this feature with cake... and bacon

  2. The guy needs to keep his mouth shut and let me keep staring at dem abs! Gotta admit, #2 and 3 got me laughing.

  3. the greatest entertainer of our generation

  4. I think we have a situation here

  5. Haha this guy is a character, new follower :)

  6. the cancer of staten island and the rest of the US. also, i lol'd

  7. You missed "Shit was sooo cash"

  8. Haha these are why he is hilarious!