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Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Situation's top 8 tips for staying fit

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino's famous abs of steel graced a recent issue of Men's Fitness. In the magazine he shared 8 of his top tips for achieving that lean muscular look he's known for. The Situation's top 8 tips are:

1) Eat every few hours. Aim for six small meals per day—three meals and three protein shakes.
2) Drink tons of water.
3) Choose lean proteins, fruits, and veggies whenever you can.
4) Get six to eight hours of sleep. 'Sleep is when your body grows and repairs itself,' he says.
5) Avoid simple carbs and junk calories, including condiments like mayo and jelly.
6) Approach fitness as a longterm lifestyle, not an instant transformation. Be dedicated, patient, and work hard for it.
7) Make working out your No. 1 commitment, because it builds the confidence and discipline you need to succeed in every domain of your life.
8) Give yourself one 'cheat day' per week when you can eat whatever you want and recover from your training.


  1. Great info! Looks like solid advice mate!

  2. Lol one cheat day. That wont work, thats how people get fat.

  3. Great tips, I'll definitely be trying them this week.

  4. His abs are good, but they look kind of weird at the same time

  5. im glad he got a better hairstyle, i love this guy.

  6. I like the advice. I wish i was better at doing the small meals thing, but it gets so easy to eat another helping of food, or eat an extra bit of food.

    There's also no way I'm giving up mayo or jelly (if I'm having peanut butter). Unless honey mustard isn't considered simple like mayo, cause I need something to make a sandwich NOT dry.

    The cheat day is a good idea in theory, but bad for those who have trouble committing. My OCD tendencies won't let me keep working out anyway... I need things to be a certain way before I work out.

  7. even though i don't like this guy or his crew, those are good tips

  8. Looking to lose a few kilos (or pounds, for you americans), so these are nice tips, just like rest of the blog ofc :)

  9. Her face the book of praises, where is read. Supporting!

  10. great tips...and not so hard to follow!